Welcome to the Upstanding Designs Blog! How to Get Started with Your Standing Desk

Hello and welcome to the blog for Upstanding Designs, the adjustable-height desk company that combines style, quality, and function to give you the most comfortable, productive, and healthy work environment you can get. It is understandable that you might not know much about a standing desk – how to use it, why you would even bother using it, and what the experience is like. Which is why on this blog, you will find all of that information: how to comfortably work at your standing desk, the newest science that supports it for a healthier lifestyle, and testimonials from customers on their experience using a desk from Upstanding Designs. To get started, here are some tips on how to use your new adjustable-height desk when you first get it. It is going to feel a little unnatural at first, but if you take this advice into account you’ll be loving it and feeling fitter and healthier in no time!


1) Wear Comfortable Shoes – If you wouldn’t go for a 3-mile walk in the shoes you wear to work, I don’t suggest wearing them when you start working at your standing desk. That’s because different styles of shoes dictate how your weight is distributed over your foot – for example, high heels put all of a woman’s body weight on the ball of her foot and her toes, which is significantly more weight than that part of the foot is built to handle. And especially if she is standing relatively still all day, that weight is just going to bear down on that part of the foot, making the experience quite uncomfortable. So I recommend bringing sneakers or comfortable walking shoes with you when you first start to use your standing desk, it will make the experience much more pleasant and you’ll start to see results much faster!


2) Don’t Be Too Ambitious and Stand All Day on Your First Try – You may think to yourself, “it’s just standing, it’s not running a marathon,” but you need to remember that even though it seems like a small change it is a small change that you’re body isn’t used to. So your back, feet, and neck, which are probably accustomed to sitting in a comfortable chair all day, are going to experience a bit of a shock when you stand up. So for the first week or two you can alternate between standing for 30-60 minutes and sitting for the same. Once you get comfortable with that, you can start making your intervals longer – and remember, the longer you’re standing, the more health-promoting benefits you’re reaping!


3) Think About Your Posture – This tip is essentially a follow-up to the previous one: if you stand for too long before you are ready to, you will begin to slouch, lean on the desk, and put your weight on parts of your body that it shouldn’t be on. One of the benefits of standing is that it supports important processes in your body and facilitates things like blood flow and metabolism, and you won’t get these same benefits if you are awkwardly leaning and creating a 45-degree angle between your body and the floor. So always think about distributing your weight evenly over your feet, keeping your shoulders down, and not rounding your back. And again, the desks from Upstanding Designs make this easy, as you can set the height that is perfectly conducive to achieving all of these goals.


4) Embrace It! – Sure it may feel awkward at first, but after using your new adjustable-height desk for just a week or two, there will be no going back. You’ll see instant results, like more energy and less muscle pain and soreness, and long-term ones, like reducing your risk of heart disease, and more. So what are you waiting for?



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