Research Update: Stand at Work and Lose Weight!

In America today, nearly 63% of the population are overweight or obese. So it isn’t surprising that the majority of us, when asked if there is something we would like to change about ourselves or if we have any goals we want to achieve, answer that we want to lose weight. And when asked how we will go about doing this, we answer that we are going to eat better and exercise more. But you and I both know that is more easily said than done, and that it is significantly easier to make small, minor changes to your everyday life than to make major, drastic ones, like getting up at 5:00 every morning to go for a run. Well, what if I told you there was a change you could make at work that wouldn’t disrupt your current routine, wouldn’t require any extra time, and would allow you to burn up to 336 calories a day? Would you jump right on it? Then look no further, because this change is working at a standing desk!

Dr. John Buckley, an exercise scientist in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition at Chester University in England discovered that working standing up for just 3 hours burned an extra 144 calories daily. Depending on how long you stand, that could get as high as 336 calories if you're working standing up for 7 hours. That's one pound lost every 10 days! Doing nothing but standing! Even if you're only standing for the tested three hours each day, that equates to about 8 pounds of fat lost in one year, without having to make any other lifestyle changes. The average American's weight loss goal is about 7 pounds, and this can easily be achieved with a standing desk.

Dr. Buckley champions the belief that it is the little changes, not the big ones, that make the biggest impact when it comes to our weight and overall health. And these changes can be as small and minimally disruptive as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, choosing water over soda, or standing while working with the help of an adjustable-height desk. This final change is perhaps the easiest of all! Start checking out your options today! 

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