Hear from a Well-Known Standing Desk Advocate

Still not convinced on the benefits of using a standing desk? Here's what Peter Moore, editor of Men's Health magazine, said about his standing desk after using it for just one month:

“I like the notion of facing the day, and challenges, standing up. When I sit in my office chair, I tend to slump and slouch. Standing, however, I throw my shoulders back and assume a wide legged stance—LIKE A BOSS. Really, were the guys who pulled off Pickett’s Charge sitting around before they ran into battle? I don’t think so. They were standing, ready to lunge forward. I like to think that’s where I am in my career, too. On my feet, ready for action. Yes, I do tend to be a little footsore and calf-weary at the end of a long day of standing. It’s not a lot different from the sensation I have when I spend a day walking around New York City. But one month into this experiment—which I can’t really see ending at this point—I notice a palpable strengthening of my legs and core. I may of course be imagining this, but my stamina is better on the basketball court, as well. By the end of an hour playing, I used to be totally gassed, and having trouble getting up and down the court on defense. I find now that I have better resiliency for those full-court sprints, late into the games. If it’s a mental thing, who cares? The effect is real enough.”

Just one month of standing improved Moore's stamina, leg strength, and core strength. Plus, standing while working made Moore feel significantly more ready to approach and conquer any challenges he might face during the day. These are a few of the bonuses that can be reaped from just one month of using a standing desk, and the list will only grow! 



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