Customer Testimony: Jim

We talked to Jim, one of our first customers, a couple months after purchasing an adjustable-height desk. Read on to see why he calls it "one of my best decisions this year!"


Upstanding Designs: When did you purchase your standing desk?

Jim: At the beginning of March


UD: Before purchasing the standing desk, how many hours a day were you spending sitting at a desk?

J: Approximately 6-8 hours per day.


UD: Were there any specific issues (i.e. back pain, constant fatigue, etc) that you had that stemmed from working sitting down?

J: I definitely had back pain


UD: Why did you decide to try a standing desk?

J: My son had some back pain issues and started using one with great results, I also felt I was just spending too much time sitting.


UD: Could you talk a little bit about how you made the transition from sitting to standing, such as how long you would stand for each day, how that changed (if at all) as you got more comfortable with the desk, etc?

J: The transition was immediate! I got the desk on a Saturday and have been standing all day ever since. I have not bought a tall chair or stool to sit on and have only lowered it down to a sitting position once since I got it. I didn’t feel good sitting and I’d say I’m pretty sure that I will never go back to sitting at a desk.


UD: Have you seen any improvements in energy, muscle pain, or any other such issues since you began using the standing desk?

J: I have noticed better energy and better focus since standing at my desk all day, plus I don’t really have any back pain at all. I think I have better posture as well.


UD: What's your favorite part of your Upstanding Designs desk?

J: The best thing about this desk in particular is it is really nice looking in my office. The quality of the manufacturing stands out to everyone that sees it. I love the way it looks.


UD: What would you say to someone who was thinking about trying a standing desk?

J: I’d say that is has really improved the quality of my day in my office. It’s kind of like a really good mattress, spending 6-8 hours a night sleeping, it’s good advice to purchase the best mattress you can. I think a standing desk is exactly the same. If you are going to spend several hours a day at a desk, I think the Upstanding Designs desk was the healthiest choice I could make.


UD: And finally, could you rate your experience so far with your standing desk on a scale from 1-10? 1 being you wish you had never purchased it and 10 being it was one of the best decisions you've made in a while.

J: Definitely a 10!! One of my best decisions this year!


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