Research Update: Curb Sitting Time and Extend Lifespan!

Groundbreaking research recently published in the British Medical Journal has discovered a link between time spent sitting and lifespan. The study suggests that reducing sedentary activity increases the length of telomeres, the DNA sequences that sit on the ends of chromosomes and prevent them from fraying, clumping, or scrambling the genetic information they contain (just like the plastic bits on the ends of shoelaces). The chances of the DNA strands fraying increases with age, but the longer the telomeres, the longer they will be able to protect the genetic code.

In the study, participants were broken up into two groups. One group was assigned an exercise program while the other was left to their own devices. After six months of observation, it was clear that reductions in sitting time had a significantly greater impact on telomere length than increases in physical activity or number of daily steps taken, confirming what other studies have found that simply adding exercise does not counteract the negative effects of sitting for hours on end.

"There is growing concern that not only low physical activity...but probably also sitting and sedentary behaviour is an important and new health hazard of our time," write the researchers. Fortunately, there is an easy way to combat this hazard, improve health, and lengthen life - an adjustable-height desk. Check one out today!


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