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Built To Your Specifications

Everyone has their own style and tastes and simply modifying one of our standard models for size, material, or color may be the perfect solution.

Have something else in mind?  

We can bring your concept to reality.

File drawers, keyboard drawers, and L-shaped workstations are just a few ideas that we will incorporate into your desk.

Already invested in standard office furniture?  Not a problem, we can retrofit your existing desks and tables.  

We can customize any piece to fit your needs in our own New England mill with our award-winning craftsmen.

If you can dream it we can build it. 


Design Process

We work very closely with you beginning with the design process.  

First, we start with a meeting to discover the ideal style and functionality needed to meet your unique needs and your desired budget.

Next, we detail the size, shape and material for the top.  Choose any type of wood, exotic veneers, laminate, or glass.  Multiple colors and stains available to match any existing decor. 

Based on how the furniture is being used we will then match the top with the best adjustable stand.

Finally, we will provide a CAD drawing and final quotation for approval.

Manufacturing Process

Once your desk is designed and approved we bring in our raw materials.  

All Wood desk tops are 1 3/16" thick grade A veneer over medium density fiberboard (MDF) for a flat and stable surface.  

We shape our signature matching hardwood desk edge to exacting dimensions and fit to the top.  

The top is run through our high tech sanding machines which provides a flawless surface.  

Our craftsmen take the piece into our state of the art finishing center and hand stain.

The last step is a 4 coat spray finish of conversion varnish for a beautiful and durable desk top.

Our Laminate tops are machine shaped and made with an 1 7/16"  MDF core and a phenolic backer on the underside of the desk for stability and strength.

Top quality laminates from Abet or Wilsonart are then adhered to the top and trimmed.

The desk will have a 3mm rubber edge t-grooved into the edges for long term protection.

The steel Desk Legs are sized appropriately and fastened along with all electronics and motors.


All of our desks are shaped, assembled, hand stained and finished to the highest standards using quality materials.  Our craftsmen take pride in their work and it is the cornerstone of our business.